How To Use Google Maps to Create a Virtual Tour

A electronic tour is actually a visual meaning of an actual location, often consisting of a group of still photos or video tutorials. It can also utilize other media elements including animation, music, narration, and text. It has the different from the conventional use of live television as it doesn’t require the viewers to psychologically travel to the location. Instead, they are “entitled” to watch the images or perhaps videos very own personal computers or anywhere that has a computer screen. The many the internet audience will be more acquainted with using internet browser based applications, rather than by using a mouse or other pointing device to really click and interact with a represented location on the web.

There are a great many uses for virtual tours. Smaller property investors may use these to “mull” through properties they can be interested in prior to committing to buy, or simply explore the grounds and landscape in the home or neighborhood in question. The world wide web has made that very simple for purchasers to get “acquainted” with homes before you make the commitment to purchase. And school systems have long applied virtual travels to aesthetically display numerous locations all over the campus, helping prospective students make the right decision with regards to where to attend school.

In order to take advantage of this technology, you need to have an online site that offers this kind of service. A Google map application is definitely the easiest way to implement a of experience for your site visitors. Just visit Google’s website and enter in the address of the area, after that find the button for uploading a panoramic graphic or video. You’ll be able to upload your images or perhaps videos, and also enter in your brand name or logo to create a unique 360 tour encounter for your website visitors.

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