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All of these temples have religious art and are located in the center of the city, which facilitates their journeys. The culture in Medellín is strongly linked to a broader Paisa culture whose unique attributes include their Spanish accent, cuisine, and hospitality. Today, Medellín has several cultural attractions for the public including approximately 40 museums, 21 public parks, 28 theaters, and several public libraries.

  • In 1951 the city had 358,189 inhabitants, but 22 years later, in 1973, the population had tripled to 1,071,252.
  • The greater metropolitan area covers 445 square miles along the Aburrá valley and up the sides of the majestic, verdant, green mountains.
  • It covers an area of 280,000 m2 and encompasses fields and stadiums for practice and competition for 34 sports.
  • Line L does not serve communal areas, rather, it is a tourist-oriented line which is connected to Arví Park and is part of a social project to bring retreats and nature to the masses.

I was in Cartagena, Bogota, and Medellin and hands down the most beautiful women are in Cartagena. The tan to brown complexion with long jet black hair along with naturally beautiful faces and their curvy figures drove me wild. The mix of Amerindian and African blood is heavy in that region. The women of Bogota and Medellin were average looking, in my opinion. However, I did see a few in both cities that deserved a lengthy stare.

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In August 1541, Marshal Jorge Robledo was in the place known today as Heliconia when he saw in the distance what he thought was a valley. He sent Jerónimo Luis Tejelo to explore the territory, and during the night of August 23, Tejelo reached the plain of what is now Aburrá Valley. The Spaniards gave it the name of “Valley of Saint Bartholomew”, but this was soon changed for the native name Aburrá, meaning “Painters”, due to the textile decorations of the local chief-men. Some of the Conquistadors, such as Gaspar de Rodas, the first governor of Antioquia, came from the region of Badajoz. Count Pedro Portocarrero y Luna, President of the Council for the West Indies , asked the Spanish monarchy to give the name of his town, Medellín in Extremadura, to the new settlement in America. His request was accepted on November 22, 1674, when the Regent Mariana of Austria proclaimed the city’s name to be Villa de Nuestra Señora de Medellín. Miguel Aguinaga y Mendiogoitia, Governor, made the name official on November 2, 1675.

As Pandemic Drags On, Latin American Women Lose Even More Ground

Cartagena women are known for their fun and easy-going personalities. These are the kind of girls you want to form long-term relationships with, but sometimes they are also into a bit of casual fun. Besides experiencing the best Columbia’s nature offers, Pereira also allows you to fully experience the Colombian dating culture. Medellin is a beautiful city, modern and yet true to its regional characteristics.

They provide education, shelter, food and safe haven from the streets to those children forced into a desperate situation. Parque Arví is located in Santa Elena, the rural area of Medellin.

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You Colombian guys certainly are good-looking, but that’s good for a few fun nights when you’re in your 20s. After that, you guys need to grow up, build a life, and learn how to treat a women, because that’s what all women are looking for, whether they are white, black, Arabic or Chinese. But, I am an absolute expert on dating women from Medellin and an expert on dating Colombian women in general.

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One thing for sure, is that I first traveled to Colombia after living in Miami for an extended period of time. I also knew what my ‘type’ of girl was because I had already experienced two Colombiana girlfriends while living in Miami where Colombianas are everywhere, especially in Kendall and parts of South Miami. Many of you have probably had first hand experience with how Colombian people especially women are friendly and easy to get along with. It’s normal to go out and make new friends at the club and talk to strangers in Colombia and then be invited to a house party or BBQ (e.g you can ask any girl to dance salsa with you and 90% chance she will say yes). In western countries it’s not as common to receive such hospitality especially from strangers.

Anyway, I’m planning another trip to Colombia for this year. First Medellin after which Cali, I’d do 6 months in each area to raised hone my Spanish abilities and see whats good in those areas. I am trying forward to some Cali Salsa and reconnecting with some previous buddies from the area that I’ve stored in contact with. Usually, a working visa is offered but nonetheless, many corporations desire hiring locals because of the further administrative work that’s required for visa sponsorship. Subsequently, get able to elaborate on some great benefits of your using as Colombians will not miss aprovechar” an opportunity to hire someone worthy. I’m a professional guy initially from Colombia, and have spent the last 18 years dwelling between the US and Canada . After I noticed your publish, i felt the necessity to reply as it is well known by Colombians that relationship Colombian women via online web sites is a very shaky business.

Surrounded by bright, verdant mountains, Medellin is a huge sprawling city featuring plenty of nature. Stroll down the city streets, and you’ll come across towering palm trees, inner-city rivers, and even frothy waterfalls. There are many reasons why remote workers make a beeline for Medellin. Firstly, Medellin isn’t known as ‘The City of Eternal Spring’ for no reason – the weather is absolutely dreamy.

Traditionally, Colombia’s second city had a reputation as a savvy and entrepreneurial place. But in the Eighties and Nineties those business smarts made Medellin the leading supplier for America’s medellin women cocaine habit. At the head of its drug operations was Pablo Escobar, king of cocaine lords, who would eventually be gunned down by American-funded paramilitaries on a Medellin rooftop in 1993.