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Street stalls, swathed in smoke, served empanadas and roast chicken. A busker played a tango on a battered violin, and a 12-year-old told me his dreams of playing for Barcelona.

  • To the North of Medellín is Antioquia’s former capital, Santa Fe.
  • To understand how Medellín became an urban war zone, we need to understand the city’s past.
  • That original line carries 30,000 people a day, and since it opened, four additional gondola lines have started operating.
  • Another problem is that my fellow Colombians and even myself made this to happen.
  • The paisas (locals from Medellín) are proud of their city and are genuinely thrilled when foreigners come to visit or live there.

These people have lost their homes, land and means to care for themselves; leaving children to a dangerous life on the streets where they are exposed to unthinkable risks on a daily basis. Work alongside Globalteer’s international staff and local Colombians in the vibrant city of Medellin. Volunteers work at sustainable local projects women in Medellin that care for children who would otherwise live in extreme danger of falling victims to violence or trafficking;commonplace amongst the marginalised and displaced communities of Colombia. Many non-governmental organizations and official organizations support the development of children and youth from poor communities.

Single Medellin women without a doubt, are one of the most desired women for marriage. These women possess the many admirable qualities that men find appealing in a partner. They are known for being honest, loyal, and passionate lovers. These women are usually raised in a traditional household and because of this, they develop values that shape the women they become as they mature.

The Medellin Colombia Wife Game

To the North of Medellín is Antioquia’s former capital, Santa Fe. This quaint colonial town is guaranteed to charm you with its Spanish historical cathedrals, plazas, and palaces. Grab a drink in one of the many traditional pubs on Plaza Mayor Juan de Corral. The highlight of Santa Fe, however, lies slightly outside its narrow, cobbled streets. Built on the Cauca River, Puente de Occidental is Colombia’s version of the Brooklyn Bridge minus the crowds and the cars.

Is Medellín A Safe Place To Live?

If you didn’t know, you are seen as quite naive people in Medellin, and the women you usually meet wouldn’t be the same as a local would like to meet. I see the same here in Panama and yet over the past 6 years coming here and living here the past year and a half I have gotten to know a lot of the locals as true friends and family.

A ‘library park’ is a concept native to the city; these multi-purpose educational buildings surrounded by green space open to the public aim to provide education and innovation in the most deprived neighbourhoods of Medellín. The most famous is the ‘Parque Biblioteca España’, created in 2007 in one of the city’s most notorious northern neighbourhoods – Santo Domingo Savio. The building provides the comuna with a library, a cultural centre, a community centre and internet access.

This is an interesting city for a guy to visit because there are beautiful Paisa women all over who are friendly and often down to have a chat if you speak Spanish. But they also know about the gringo reputation so it takes some time to prove to them that you aren’t like most of the others.

He should have at least checked his content with a local before producing this. I gave 1/5 stars for everything except the performance because I feel bad for the narrator who had to read this garbage. Having lived in Medellín for 6 months, I can tell you with 100% confidence that this book will hurt your results with women. As a world-traveling pick-up nomad, I have gone to dozens of countries to scope out the very hottest women the Earth has to offer. Medellin beats them all as the number one destination for good-looking women. This guide is for you if you see yourself as someone who needs a bit of help becoming more social in today’s society. If you feel uncomfortable being in social situations, then this guide can help you get started on the path towards social success.